Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cookbook Update and Eating Around Georgia!

First, my apologies on the length of time since my last post. However, I'm happy to report that my online absence can be at least partially blamed on the fact that the Glass Onion cookbook has entered the final stages of production. And trust me, no one could rival my excitement as I peruse the pages one last time. Just imagine all the stories and recipes you enjoy here on our blog in a perfectly bound book! That pleasure should be yours no later than mid-September; I'll keep you posted.

I do have to admit that in my absence I managed to squeeze in a weekend trip to Georgia (my home state) and enjoyed quite the eating adventure. The truly delicious local food movement appears alive and well in Athens and Atlanta, and I strongly encourage any of you in those environs to check out the following spots that I thoroughly enjoyed. I know that I only brushed the surface of the culinary offerings in both these cities and would love to hear about your favorite local food haunts here, there or anywhere!

Happy Local Eating!

All the food that I could fit into 48 hours:

In Athens, GA:
Five & Ten

Local Chantrelles with a Poached Farm Egg -- YUM!

In Atlanta:

Empire State South
Sweetbreads with Grilled Peaches -- Need I say more!

Miller Union

Housemade S'Mores! ( I hated that I missed out on their ice cream sandwiches, which they only serve at lunch.)

Star Provisions

Pork Belly Ban Minh -- authentic take on this classic Vietnamese sandwich!


  1. next time try local three

  2. I love cookbooks. I can't wait to see yours. Though I have never been to The Glass Onion (yet) the menu sounds wonderful and I made the chilled corn soup you posted a while back and it was amazing. I'm sure it's gonna be packed with goodness.

  3. And Local Three was on my list, but I ran out of time and eating stamina!

  4. Georgians and Atlantans as we are, my wife and I ate at the Glass Onion twice on a long weekend exactly one year ago. We're sending some friends your way.
    Loved it. Don't know what else to say.
    As an Athens native, I can vouch for Five and Ten. Going to try out Farm 255 this weekend.

    As for Atlanta, please don't pass up the opportunity to check out Kevin Gillespie's Woodfire Grill. Still our No. 1 spot here, though all the ones you listed are great.

    We're a two-minute drive from Miller Union, also fantastic. I try to remind myself that while living in ATL has it's downs, the sheer amount of amazing restaurants is something to be appreciated while here.

    If you want food partners on your next journey home, e-mail me at ***joseph.edgar.miller****@gmail.com.