Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Closer Look at The Glass Onion Restaurant

Welcome! You have somehow found yourself in the fertile blogging ground of The Glass Onion Restaurant. We are a seasonal, local eatery located in Charleston, South Carolina. There are three owners -- Charles Vincent, Chris Stewart and myself, Sarah O'Kelley -- and we cook up the food that we grew up eating in New Orleans, Birmingham (Alabama), and Columbus (Georgia).

We take great pride in serving all natural food sourced from as close to home as we can get. Consequently, our menu changes a bit each day, and we update it on our website -- www.ilovetheglassonion.com -- before lunch and dinner daily.

For those of you who already know us -- y'all might wonder, "Why blog?" We already have the aforementioned website, a Facebook page and Twitter account; so, there is certainly no lack of information about our daily menu, special events, etc. But there is a lack of depth.

This blog goes out to the person looking for that depth. Specifically, this blog goes out to the person who has wondered...what exactly is a Barrel Fish? Who is the Jennie Ruth of Jennie Ruth's Deviled Eggs? When is shrimp season?

We do not intend for this to be an EAT LOCAL soapbox, but we invite you to take a deeper look at your local farmers and fishermen and remember the flavors of your past and present. These are our core values at the Glass Onion, and we look forward to exploring them with you.